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Eagles’ Brandon Graham on ‘smirking’ Aaron Rodgers: ‘That s— pissed me off’


The Green Bay Packers continued its red-hot offensive onslaught on yet another victim with a 50-23 throttling of the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday at Lambeau Field.

While the Packers could slap each other on the back on the sideline and enjoy an easy victory as the game got out of hand in their favor, Eagles players were left fuming on the sidelines, wondering exactly what was happening to them.

One Eagles player clearly was displeased with the devil-may-care attitude and actions of one Packer in particular. Linebacker Brandon Graham took great offense to how Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers appeared to be smirking and laughing during the game as his team thoroughly humbled the Eagles defense.

Graham sounded off on Rodgers’ loosey-goosey demeanor.

“Hell, yeah. That sh– pissed me off,” Graham said, via CSN Philly. “I wanted to get him.”

In the same breath, however, Graham essentially acknowledged that the quarterback had every right to be in such a jovial mood.

“But at the end of the day, shoot, he was doing his job,” Graham admitted. “More power to him. I guess we would be laughing if we were sacking him.”

Rogers put on yet another masterclass quarterbacking performance against the Eagles, throwing for 341 yards and three touchdowns for a 120.3 quarterback rating, the fifth time this season Rodgers has cracked a 120.0 QB rating. In other words, he had every reason to enjoy himself.

While Graham admitted that Rodgers earned the right to laugh and mug and whatnot, it still bothered him to no end. And yet, Graham more or less took the position of “More power to him.”

“It’s just one of them things where you want to smack that smirk off his face,” Graham said. “But I mean they definitely came to play. I’ve got to take my hat off to him. That’s the first time I have ever seen that.

“We started talking about it toward the end. We were like, ‘He’s been laughing at us all day.’ He’s a good quarterback, man. I would love to see him in the playoffs. You definitely have to get after him.”

Speaking of playoffs, Rodgers dismissed the notion that there should be concern that the Packers are peaking too early and that may not bode well for an extended postseason run.

“I don’t even know what that means,” Rodgers said during his weekly radio appearance on ESPN Milwaukee, via the Green Bay Press Gazette. “We’re just playing well right now. I don’t believe in peaking early. It’s playing well, being prepared and being healthy, or it’s the opposite. Right now, we’re playing well, we’re prepared, we’re healthy. You want to be playing the right way at the end of the season, but a lot of that is tied to your team health.

“So, right now, we’ve been pretty fortunate to be pretty healthy going into Week 12 now. So that’s what we’re focusing on.

(image credit: AP/Mike Roemer