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Bill Self would have preferred vodka in water bottle after blowout loss to Wildcats (vid)


The No. 5 Kansas Jayhawks were on the receiving of a brutal beatdown at the hands of the No. 1 Kentucky Wildcats Tuesday night, getting pounded to the tune of a 72-40 final score.

Illustrating the savagery of the drubbing, the Jayhawks only made eleven baskets in the entire game, with eight of those coming in the first half. Simple math indicates that Kansas only made three baskets — three — in the entire second half. Brutal.

In situations such as these in sports, when a team is beaten so thoroughly and dominated to such a degree, sometimes the victims of the blowout can only resign themselves to shell-shocked laughter and simply try to move on.

That appears what Jayhawks head coach Bill Self attempted to do during his post-game press conference.

Relying on gallows humor to help take in the enormity of the loss, after taking a sip of water from a bottle, Self joked that he would have preferred that the clear liquid inside would have been booze.

“I was hoping that was vodka but no, it’s just water,” Self cracked.

Well played. Vodka may not have taken away the terrible loss, but it sure would have lightened the sting of it.

John Calipari, meanwhile, likely enjoyed an apéritif, perhaps a Limoncello, followed by a light meal that was followed up with a digestif of something sweet, perhaps a Grappa, following the win. Something like that.

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