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Sammy Sosa: Still alive (probably), still as freaky-looking as all get-out (photo)

sammy sosa

Ever since Sammy Sosa disappeared from Major League Baseball, he has surfaced from time to time at some various function, appearance, on his own Pinterest page or what-have-you.

The prevailing reaction to each time Sosa reemerges in public elicits is the continued, utter shock at his bizarre appearance (the above haunting image is from 2010, and how it becomes more and more disturbing on each subsequent occasion.

Sosa emerged — perhaps from his coffin, loaded with soil from his native Dominican Republic — for some black tie event recently, and yep, you guessed it: He is still looking as freaky-deaky as ever.

Sweet Fancy Moses. He looks more like a wax museum figure created in his honor than an actual living and breathing human being. It’s like he’s taken the entire vampire craze way too far and several years past its expiration date.

Actually, is it possible that Sosa has joined the ranks of the undead? Stranger things have happened … like Sosa’s garishly ghastly, pasty appearance.

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