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Rex Ryan left ‘stunned’ by $100,000 fine levied by NFL against him for profanity

It doesn’t happen very often, but New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan says he was rendered nearly speechless in the wake of the NFL fining him a whopping $100,000 for the use of profanity following the team’s win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Nov. 9.

“I was stunned by it to say the least,” Ryan said on Monday, per the New York Post.

Ryan was caught on camera dropping an f-bomb as he walked to midfield following the team’s surprising 20-13 win. It’s unclear exactly who the “F— you!” was directed at, some suspected that it meant for officials, who Ryan quarreled during the game. The Jets coach felt that officials were doing a better job of protecting Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger than they were taking care of Jets signal-caller Michael Vick.

“I thought during the game, I mentioned before, that I never thought our quarterback was as protected as I would have liked to have seen him. That’s a true statement,” the coach said. “I’d rather not get into exactly who I was talking to, but I apologize if I offended somebody. It wasn’t my intention. It was meant to be a private conversation.”

Ryan reportedly intimated on Monday that an official may not have been the intended recipient of his cursing. The f-bomb alternatively may have been directed at Steelers safety Mike Mitchell, who jumped over the line while the Jets were in a victory formation at the end of the game, a move that Ryan took offense and later referred to as “bush league.”

Ryan also hinted at appealing the fine, although he reportedly did not confirm that course of action directly.

This is the third occasion in which Ryan has been either been fined by the Jets or the NFL for unsavory behavior. Perhaps the third time will prove to be a charm for Ryan and he will learn his lesson. But given his personality, probably not.

(photo credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports)