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Giancarlo Stanton celebrates $325M deal with free bottle of $20K champagne (pic/vids)


Giancarlo Stanton understandably was in a celebratory mood after signing a $325 million megadeal with the Miami Marlins on Monday. When one realizes that they are to be paid $68,493 per day for the next 13 years, it puts a person in delightfully whimsical spirits.

Speaking of spirits, Stanton was spotted toasting his substantial financial windfall with a ridiculously expensive and absurdly large bottle of champagne.

Stanton, with some pals in tow, hit up the FDR club at the Delano Hotel in Miami. At some point during the festivities, Stanton was spotted hoisting a bottle of Moët Nectar Impérial Rosé Leopard Luxury Edition Methuselah, an awfully worded name for an extremely pricey and rare champagne.

TMZ reports that only 60 bottles of the six-liter bottle lined with 22-carat gold leaf have been created.

Perhaps the most surprising — and absurd — aspect of the story? Stanton didn’t even have to pay for it. According to TMZ, the slugger actually was gifted the bottle.

Makes sense. It’s not like Stanton is getting paid the gigantic salary due him in light of the terms of his new contract just yet. The outfielder only made a paltry $537,000 last season. That’s a decent chunk of change, obviously, but not the kind of income that allows any sane person to drop $20,000 on a measly bottle of champagne, even a rare one. And that’s working under the assumption that any sane person, no matter how much money they have, would be willing to plunk down $20K for a bottle of any kind of champagne.

Some video of the festivities, via Busted Coverage:



Looks like a grand time was had by one and all, especially Stanton. Again, he’s set to earn $68,493 per day for the next 13 years. Sheesh.

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