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Chris Bosh on why he didn’t join Rockets: ‘All that guarantees is a bunch of pressure’

With the NBA offseason and the free agency period in full swing over the summer, there appeared to be mutual interest between Chris Bosh and the Houston Rockets. So much so, in fact, that the Rockets offered Bosh a max deal.

With LeBron James’ future with the Miami Heat hanging in the balance, it was unclear exactly what would happen, if the “Big Three” would remain joined at the hip and pursue another NBA title in South Beach.

James of course decided to rejoin the Cleveland Cavaliers and Bosh later re-signed with the Heat. Whether those two decisions had anything to do with the other is unclear.

What has become clear, however, is that Bosh apparently preferred staying in Miami, even if the team didn’t boast a championship-caliber roster.

In hindsight, Bosh joining the Rockets would have been a match made in hardwood heaven. Houston has stormed out of the gates, running itself to a record of 9-2.

Bosh, meanwhile, has similarly gotten off to a tremendous start. While the Heat are only 6-5, Bosh has been on a tear, 19.9 points, 8.7 rebounds and 2.9 assists per game, well within range — or exceeding — his career averages in those statistical categories. In hindsight, had Bosh joined the Rockets, it would have made the team a far more formidable foe in the highly competitive Western Conference.But it would have brought along another consequence, at least for Bosh. Pressure.Bosh told CBS Sports’ Ken Berger that pressure, in particular as it relates to pursuing a championship, went a long way in helping him make his free agency decision.”I could see where people would think that’s an attractive site,” Bosh said. “They were trying to win right away. And I was really happy to be touted that I possibly could’ve been out there. But you know, that doesn’t guarantee anything, and I know that. All that guarantees is a bunch of pressure.”Some may choose to criticize Bosh for making the decision he did, staying with the Heat and not being forced to deal with the relentless pursuit of an NBA title with the Rockets. Bosh dealt with that stress for four seasons with the Heat and perhaps he simply needed some time away from that kind of grueling pressure. Further, Bosh has built a life in Miami, getting married and having two children with wife, Adrienne. Maybe he did not want to uproot his young family. It’s not like living in Miami year-round is a bad gig. It’s not like Bosh isn’t being paid handsomely by the Heat, either.Sure, championships are great. But comfort, happiness and South Beach are pretty nice, too. Perhaps Bosh’s decision to stay in Miami may something about his competitiveness and drive as a basketball player — after all, NBA titles are what define a great player’s career and what stars purportedly seek — but probably not.Further, Bosh joining the Rockets would have made the team an even bigger championship contender, but being a contender — or even a favorite — has no guarantees … except for that aforementioned pressure.Bosh already has been on two championship teams. He can wait a few seasons for the next one.(photo credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports)