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Report: Kevin Durant trash-talked Dwight Howard, repeatedly said, ‘You’re a p*ssy’

NBA: Houston Rockets at Oklahoma City Thunder

The Houston Rockets’ 69-65 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday was obviously an ugly affair, as the final score abundantly illustrates. Given that both teams were apparently incapable of putting the ball in the hoop, for whatever reason, it nonetheless wasn’t the prettiest display of basketball.

But the ugliness, according to one account, wasn’t reserved exclusively for game play. There reportedly was quite a bit of not-so-savory smack talk occurring as well, primarily perpetrated from the bench by Thunder superstar Kevin Durant and directed at Rockets center Dwight Howard.

Durant, currently out of the lineup and expected to be out for many more weeks following surgery after suffering a fracture in his right foot, was not going to allow being sidelined stop him from tangentially getting involved in the game.

Anthony Slater, Thunder beat writer for The Oklahoman, apparently had an up-close seat for Durant’s purported trash talking of Howard. He chronicled what he heard and saw on Twitter.

Ouch. And this comes after Howard said he was praying for Durant after the superstar went down with his injury.

This isn’t even the first time this season that Howard has been on the receiving end of some foulmouthed trash talk. Kobe Bryant, during a Lakers-Rockets game last month, tore into Howard, appearing to yell at his former teammate, “You soft motherfu**er … bitch-ass ni**a,” among other salty salvos, after the two got tangled up while battling for a rebound.

Regarding the overall unpleasantness of the game aesthetically speaking, Thunder shooting guard Anthony Morrow said afterward he’s never been part of such an atrocious game.

Not only were players chirping on Sunday, they were also a little chippy as well. Via The Oklahoman:

Dwight Howard and Steven Adams got tangled up on numerous occasions. Kendrick Perkins and Beverley got a double technical for continued arguing. Rockets newcomer Trevor Ariza even got into the act – shoving Adams to the ground after a rebound.

But the most memorable scrum happened with nine minutes left.

As the teams were separating for a timeout, Sebastian Telfair and Beverley got into a brief argument that led Beverley to turn and discuss things with referee Bill Kennedy. But Beverley did it in a demonstrative manner, sticking his head extremely close to Kennedy’s.

Once Thunder head coach Scott Brooks got involved, things escalated with a pushing and shoving match breaking out between opponents.

So, in essence, an ugly game marred by inept offensive play was made even uglier courtesy of some extracurricular activity by players. But Rockets head coach Kevin McHale put it all in perspective by saying, “Is that called contentious now in the NBA?” McHale cracked. “I thought that was a little catfight.”

Well stated, Mr. McHale.

But in the end, despite Howard again being vulgarly slammed by an opponent, he and his Rockets teammates got the last laugh by winning the game, vaulting the squad to a 9-1 record. The Thunder, meanwhile, are in a free-fall caused by the decimation of its lineup through injuries, primarily due to the absence of both Durant and Russell Westbrook. The team is now 3-8 and with its two superstars not expected to return anytime soon, things are likely to get ever uglier before they get better.

UPDATE: Footage has surfaced of Durant getting in the face of Howard on the court after all hell broke loose. It occurs near the beginning of the footage that documents when Brooks stepped out onto the court and presumably is when he trash-talked the Rockets center (via Pro Basketball Talk):

(image credits: Dwight Howard, Kevin Durant — Mark D. Smith, Mark L. Baer, USA TODAY Sports via Dime Magazine)