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Portly, shirtless Chiefs fan getting jiggly with it before Sunday’s game (video)


Kansas City Chiefs fans had plenty to celebrate following the team’s 24-20 win over the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium. But one rather portly Chiefs backer — who braved the elements by showing up shirtless, it’s worth noting — was already in a celebratory mood prior to kickoff and showcased that good-time vibe by letting his freak flab fly.

Wearing a cape and his face painted red, the proudly chubby Chiefs showed off some pretty jiggly dance moves. The fact that he had the Chiefs logo painted on his stomach certainly contributed to the awkwardly transfixing scene of his gut flesh bouncing up and down as he danced.

Hoo boy. So … disturbingly hypnotic.

Thankfully, Chubby Chiefs Fan Guy had the good sense to write “BELLY” on his shirtless chest. Otherwise, no one would have bothered to pay attention to that region of his torso as he boogied down.

(video via FOX Sports/YouTube)