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Patriots apologize for automated reply to Twitter account with racist handle (pic)

In a sequence of unfortunate events initiated by only the best intentions, the New England Patriots found themselves amid a media firestorm after an automated reply tweet posted a racial slur on Thursday night.

The Patriots recently became the first NFL team with 1,000,000 followers on Twitter and an automatic reply was initiated thanking some of those followers.

The tweet featured a thank you from the team as well as an image of the fan’s Twitter handle on a “digital” jersey.


Ouch. It should be easy to infer what the blurred-out handle is, but an unedited version can be seen here.

Being that there is every kind of person on the Internet and Twitter — including lots of bad ones – it invariably occurred that the Patriots unfortunately replied to an individual with a Twitter handle that was dreadfully inappropriate and horribly racist.

The Patriots quickly removed the tweet once all hell broke loose and issued a sincere apology.

These kind of things are bound to happen. And while it’s certainly not the end of the world, it is embarrassing and unfortunate and one has to think that with some foresight by the folks running the Patriots social media accounts, this gaffe could have been easily avoided.

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