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Michelle Beadle retweets wickedly disgusting take on Kim Kardashian butt meme (vid)


So, everyone is having a hoot and holler over the “Kim Kardashian Bare Butt Magazine Cover” that supposedly “broke the Internet.” Most of have been funny, but thanks to Michelle Beadle’s wickedly twisted sense of humor, the meme has moved on into decidedly disgusting territory.

Beadle retweeted an individual’s supremely gross take on Kim K.’s provocative magazine cover that utilized the photograph itself, along with a few other props.

Uhhhh … that’s …. nasty. One girl, one cup, apparently. Fantastic. But (Butt?) disgusting.

And here we thought it couldn’t get any more disturbing than the efforts by the “NBA on TNT” guys and their utilization of “The Round Mound of Rebound,” Charles Barkley.

For what it’s worth, Beadle previously railed on the “Kardashian Butt Cover” earlier this week, slamming it on Twitter.

Well-played, Miss Beadle. Well-played, indeed.

But for that first one up top there, with the poopy take on the madness? Shame on you, Michelle Beadle. But at the same time, a huge outpouring of kudos. Pun intended.

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