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LeBron tweets about caring for newborn daughter, his love for women named Jennifer

LeBron James is going through the sleep deprivation cycle that fathers of infants invariably go through in the first several months — if not longer — after a baby is born, and it is resulting in some odd and adorable deep thoughts from the clearly very tired Cleveland Cavaliers superstar.

LeBron took to Twitter in the wee hours of Thursday morning and essentially live-tweeted caring for his little baby girl Zhuri Nova, born last month.

Ah yes, the rigors of modern fatherhood. But in the end, it is obviously all worth it.

And how about the grooving jams little Zhuri enjoys listening to? Gotta love the George Benson. That guy is the tops.

After James perhaps sneaked in a few hours of snoozing, he returned to Twitter, arguably in a barely semi-lucid state, to profess his love for women named “Jennifer.”

Alrighty then.

Nice save, though, by King James by slipping in his mother-in-law, Jennifer Brinson, in with the gorgeous triumvirate of Lawrence, Aniston and Lopez. Quite the savvy fellow, that guy.

Speaking of basketball and Jennifer Lawrence — albeit in a very shameless way — the talented actress was spotted playing a little roundball herself some time ago.

jennifer-lawrence-basketball-2 Jennifer Lawrence in Tuight jennifer-lawrence-basketball-4 Jennifer Lawrence in Tuight

Perhaps she learned her mad ball skills from watching LeBron. Perhaps not. But as far as the pics are concerned, it’s definitely a case of shameless pandering on my end.

(LeBron photo credit: Steve Dykes/Getty Images, Lawrence pics via