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Johnny Manziel claims Tiger Woods snubbed his autograph request when he was 10


Johnny Manziel is something of an avid golfer and his love for the sport dates back to his childhood. And given his age, it’s not surprising in the least that Johnny Football was a huge fan of Tiger Woods as a kid.

The Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback’s affinity for the grand game and admiration of Tiger is chronicled in a profile featured in the December issue of Golf Digest, which is devoted to “Golfers Who Give Back” and features Manziel on the cover.

Manziel says that he was such a fan of Tiger that he made his dad by him a Scotty Cameron putter, just like the one the superstar golfer used.

The quarterback also confirmed a story about the time Woods snubbed his autograph request when he was 10 years old.

“Yeah, that happened,” Manziel said laughing, as quoted in Golf Digest. “My dad played in a member-guest at Isleworth every year with a friend, and we’d take our family vacation to Orlando. One day I ended up playing with a bunch of kids at the house of Thurman Thomas [Pro Football Hall of Famer], of all people. I think he was friends with some of our family friends. Somehow we heard that Tiger was out playing on a nearby course [The Golden Bear Club at Keene’s Pointe], so another guy and I ran out there looking for him.

Manziel states that Woods was all by himself playing a practice round. When Manziel approached him on the 16th hole, he claims that Tiger told him to catch him after the round.

“I was sitting about 100 yards from the 18th green, and he drove by in a cart and was pulling his hat really, really low,” Manziel recalls. “I remember him saying, ‘No autographs today.'”

Typical Tiger. Sheesh.

Manziel admits at first he was crushed by Woods snubbing him.

“I was really bitter about it for a day, but today I don’t really think much of it,” Manziel said.

He even mentions that he’s probably done something similar to autograph-seekers himself.

“I’m sure there are stories about me, maybe not in the same fashion, but maybe someone has asked, ‘Hey, can I take a picture with you?’ And I say, ‘Sure, I’m gonna use the restroom, and I’ll be right back.’ Then, something comes up.”

“If I ever run into Tiger at Nike or somewhere, it’ll be a funny story,” Manziel adds.

Indeed it would. But will Woods give Manziel an autograph now? That’s the question. Better yet, will Manziel exact revenge on Tiger with a snub of his own should the golfer ask for his autograph? That would be something. Unlikely, yes, but something.

(photo credit: Walter Iooss Jr./Golf Digest)