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Seahawks accused of selling watered-down beer to fans at CenturyLink Field


According to an undercover investigation by KOMO-News’ “Problem Solvers,” the Seattle Seahawks are sticking it to their fans by selling beer that has been watered down during home games at CenturyLink Field.

Working in partnership with a local lab, six samples of beer taken from concession stands during Seahawks games and Seattle Sounders matches during two trips to the stadium. The results of the tests administered on the beer are as follows:

Stella Artois: 
5.0% advertised ABV
4.8% tested
Bud Light:
4.2% advertised
3.9% tested
Redhook Brewery No Equal:
5.2% advertised
4.8% tested
5.2% advertised
4.7% tested
Bass Pale Ale:
5.1% advertised
4.5% tested
5.0% advertised
4.4% tested

The KOMO-News team reached out to CenturyLink Field bosses, who refused comment.

Anheuser-Busch, owners of five of the six beers tested, responded to the “Problem Solvers” exposé.

A representative took issue with both testing methods and the resulting data gleaned from the investigation. In a statement, the rep indicated that the beer sold at the stadium is the same thing customers  “purchase at bars, restaurants, convenience stores and other retail locations.”

Anheuser-Busch added that it “strictly” adheres to all federal rules and standards, indicating that a test it performed on its own “found no irregularities” in alcohol content in the beer sold at the stadium, per KOMO’s report.

Despite the company’s insistence that nothing untoward is going on as it relates to watering down of the beer sold at events, fans nevertheless were left unhappy with the report’s findings.

“It’s money, man. Greed. Same thing as everybody else. What makes the world go around? Money,” said James Walker, putting it all in perspective.

Other fans indicated that they would do what it takes to bypass the so-called watering down of the beer.

“Now I guess we’ll pre-funk a little bit more,” said one fan, with “pre-funk” presumably a hipster term for tailgating.

“Try as you may. We’ll get around it,” said another fan, who was drinking out of a coffee tumbler filled with a Bloody Mary outside the stadium.

Apparently, that’s how one goes about getting in on the pre-funk.

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