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Parents cover up daughter’s eyes during Kyle Chipchura-Brenden Dillon brawl (video)


The Dallas Stars paid a visit to Gila River Arena on Tuesday to take on the Arizona Coyotes in NHL action.

While fights in hockey seem to be going the way of the Dodo bird, on-ice pugilists still drop the gloves from time to time, something a family of Coyotes fans seated on the glass were made aware of in shocking, up-close brutality.

Not even five minutes into the game, Coyotes forward Kyle Chipchura and Stars defenseman Brenden Dillon squared off in a bit of haymaker-heavy, hockey ultraviolence.

The mother, father and daughter, having a front row seat to the carnage, appeared to be enjoying the fisticuffs. with the parents even smiling in appreciation of the savage spectacle.

That is until the two reasoned that perhaps seeing two men beating one another into a pulp wasn’t the best thing for their young daughter, at which point the mom shields her daughter’s eyes with her hands.

The dad then follows mom’s lead and also covers up the girl’s eyes.

That’s called solid parenting, folks. While the two adults appeared to be enjoying the fight — and why shouldn’t they? — eventually they realized that it arguably isn’t meant for young, sensitive eyes. The parents adjusted on the fly to the sudden change in the environment around them, which is admirable.

Although it’s possible the little girl wouldn’t have minded watching the fists fly. She is a hockey fan, after all.

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