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Kobe Bryant sets record for missed shots, reveals which of the 13,421 he regrets most


On the surface, Kobe Bryant breaking the NBA record for most missed field goals seems to be a rather ignominious distinction. But when the layers are peeled away, the fact that Kobe broke Boston Celtics great John Havlicek‚Äôs record of 13,417 missed shots during the fourth quarter of Tuesday’s game against the Memphis Grizzlies with his 13,418th miss actually says a lot more bad than good about the NBA great.

Kobe feigned surprise when informed by the press that he had broken the record.

“Oh yeah?” Bryant said, before adding, “Nah, I don’t pay attention to that stuff, man,” when pressed on how he couldn’t have known about it.

Bryant shrugged off the distinction of missing the most shots in NBA history.

“Well, I’m a shooting guard that’s played 19 years,” Bryant retorted, reportedly emphasizing “shooting.”

As previously noted, breaking the record arguably says far more good about Bryant than bad.

First, it speaks to his remarkable durability. Despite being injury-prone over the past few seasons, Bryant is nevertheless in his 19th NBA season, meaning a ton of tread has been worn off his tires. And yet, he keeps shooting. Whether that’s good or bad at this point is subject to debate. But let’s be honest, who else is going to jack up shots for the Lakers?

Being a prolific shooter usually means a player is often a prolific scorer as well, which is more than true in the case of Kobe Bryant.

That means teammates turn to a prolific scorer anytime the team is in a pinch. The designation of being the go-to guy on the offensive end has its drawbacks as well. What that generally means is the player is looked to when things break down, typically when time is running out on the shot clock.

Bryant acknowledged this aspect of being a team leader when asked if there are any of the now-13,421 missed shots he regrets most.

“Yeah, all the ones where I’ve had to try to bail the team out at the end of the shot clock,” Kobe replied, per “Jesus Christ. It annoys the crap out of me [and] kills my FG percentage.”

Fair enough. For the record, Kobe finished 10-of-26 from the field Tuesday, scoring a game-high 28 points in the team’s 107-102 loss to Grizzlies.

Keep on chucking ’em up there, Kobe. No one else on the Lakers has earned that right more than him.