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Rex Ryan: Steelers’ Mike Mitchell’s leap during victory formation ‘bush league’ (vids)


The New York Jets and head coach Rex Ryan remain annoyed over an incident that occurred at the end of the team’s 20-13 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.

With the Jets in the victory formation and quarterback Michael Vick set to take a knee, Steelers safety Mike Mitchell timed his run towards the line so that he leaped into the backfield upon the snap of the ball. Mitchell was flipped by Jets center Nick Mangold, who ripped the move afterward, saying, “It’s a dirty play.”

Ryan clearly was not impressed immediately afterward, as he appeared to drop an f-bomb, presumably in the direction of the Steelers, as he walked onto the field after the game’s conclusion.

Ryan remained ticked off about the entire incident when discussing the play on Monday, saying he wasn’t sure if Mitchell did it on his own or at the direction of the Steelers coaching staff.

I thought that was kind of bush league,” Ryan said, via the New York Daily News. “I can understand it in a short yardage situation and you would’ve praised the guy for timing it and all that stuff.

There’s no question. But in that part of the game, where we’re just kneeling on it and things like that, I was surprised by it to say the least and disappointed.”

The Daily News also offered up a different interpretation on Ryan’s “F— you!” commentary after the game, opining that instead of the f-bomb being directed at Steelers players, officials were the target of Ryan’s ire. The Jets coached ripped officials after the game for not protecting Vick as much as they protect Ben Roethlisberger.

Whoever the f-bomb-infused barb was directed at, Ryan pleaded ignorance regarding his supposed tirade, telling the Daily News has no recollection of cussing out anyone, saying, “I don’t remember doing that.”

Of course he doesn’t.