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LSU AD apologizes for profane stadium chant directed at Nick Saban


LSU athletic director Joe Alleva issued a statement Monday to apologize for a profane stadium chant directed at Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban during the Tigers’ 20-13 overtime loss on Saturday.

During Alabama’s opening drive in overtime, freshman defensive tackle Devon Godchaux went down with an injury. As he was being treated on the field by LSU trainers and medical staff, a chant could be audibly heard raining down from the Tiger Stadium stands, a profane diatribe directed at Saban (NSFW video available here) that featured the message, “F— you, Saban.”

Alleva apologized in his statement on behalf of the school and its fans (via The Times-Picayune by way of College Football Talk):

“I’d like to once again thank our fans for their incredible support of our team in last Saturday’s game with Alabama. The Tigers played with tremendous heart and passion, and our fans played a huge role in inspiring a performance of which we can all be very proud.

“Unfortunately, a small minority of people chose to diminish the image of our great university by engaging in a profane chant directed toward Coach (Nick) Saban. We are deeply sorry that such crude behavior occurred in Tiger Stadium, because that is the antithesis of what we represent at LSU.

“If it occurs in the future, we will make every effort to identify those who choose to act in this manner and make sure they know they are no longer welcome in our stadium. Our hope, however, is that this will never happen again.

“Best wishes to Coach Miles and the Tigers for a strong finish to this season, and we sincerely appreciate the pride they instill in LSU fans each Saturday. And, thanks again to the best fans in the nation for their continued support of the Tigers!”

Obviously, as noted in the article, it was a very small — albeit incredibly vocal — minority of fans who were responsible for the profane chant and not all LSU fans should be held accountable for their vulgar transgressions.

Tigers head coach Les Miles claims he didn’t even hear the chant.

“I was not aware of that, to be honest with you,” he said told reporters, via “There are some things I get kind of zoned in on and I can tell you another thing I wasn’t aware of, somebody made the announcement to make sure you stay in your seats as the game ends.  I would think we would not have to make that announcement.  I got to be honest with you, I am so doing things that I didn’t get that but I was told it was a repeated announcement.”

It shouldn’t be surprising, though, that something like this would occur during a heated college football game — kids will be kids, after all — especially given that the bitter rivalry that exists between the fierce rivals features an additional layer of acrimony due to the fact Saban coached at LSU from 2000-04 before jumping ship to take a head coaching job in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins.

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