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Steve Smith, after ‘body-slam’ of Titans LB: ‘Damn, he needs to get his weight up’ (GIF)

Steve Smith is a renowned for his predilection for trash talk. The veteran Baltimore Ravens wide receiver has become notorious for his ability to dress down his opponents via the sometimes vulgar, but always intimidating, use of the spoken word.

And Smith doesn’t only save his smack talk for when he’s on the field, either, something that has been proven time and again. This was plainly evident courtesy of some post-game comments he made after Baltimore beat the Tennessee Titans 21-7.

During a running play in the fourth quarter, Smith absolutely manhandled Titans linebacker Wesley Woodyard on a block.

The wide receiver was called for holding on the play, but the manner in which he took out a much larger opponent with seemingly relative ease prompted Smith to pontificate about the strength and toughness of the Titans players.

“I body-slammed him, so I think that’s really a testament to their lack of strength and conditioning coach down in Tennessee,” Smith said in the locker room after the game, via the Baltimore Sun. “5-9, 194-pound guy body-slams their linebacker, man, he needs to get his weight up.”

First he lowers the boom with his play and then lays waste to an opponent with his gift of gab.

Smith had only 3 catches for 17 yards in the game, but his one devastating block demonstrated that he brings it on every play and can have an impact upon a game, even when he’s not a major player in the offense.

(GIF via SB Nation, photo credit: David Manning-USA TODAY Sports