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Colin Kaepernick trolls naysayers, tries to ‘silence the haters’ on Instagram (photo)


While it was nowhere near a clean victory, the San Francisco 49ers did manage to walk out of the Superdome with a huge win, beating the New Orleans Saints 27-24 in overtime. The Saints had not lost at the Superdome with Sean Payton at the helm in a remarkable 20 games.

The win halted a two-game losing streak and put the Niners one game above .500 at 5-4, arguably saving their season, or at least getting it somewhat back on track.

The team is not without flaws, but made plays when needed, including Kapernick making an amazing one when he completed a 51-yard pass on fourth down to Michael Crabtree to maintain a drive late in the game that ultimately led to a field goal that tied the game and sent it to overtime.

Talking about the play, Kaepernick said Crabtree “was about the third or fourth guy I looked at when I was scrambling. I wasn’t expecting it, but I’m happy it happened that way,” per an report.

The 49ers signal-caller finished the game with solid-but-not-spectacular numbers, going 14-for-32 passing for 210 yards and a touchdown. He also rushed for 24 yards in four attempts.

Despite the rather pedestrian outing — albeit against a quality opponent in an incredibly hostile environment — Kaepernick nevertheless felt compelled to take to social media to drop some smack talk on all the haters, cynics and nattering nabobs of negativity.


BOOM. Kaepernick writes on Instagram, “Keep your 2 cents and take your own advice! *hits whip dance* #IDontGetTired #WhoDoYouLove #Se7enPounds.”

The quarterback clearly feels that a lot of people have counted the 49ers out, but Kaepernick appears to allow the troglodytic trash talkers on social media get the best of him from time to time.

Early on in the 2013 season, Kaepernick developed a habit of favoriting tweets from so-called haters, presumably to draw inspiration. Following a big win over the St. Louis Rams a few days later, he challenged his critics, saying, “They can tweet me tonight.”

Heading into Sunday’s game against the Saints, Kaepernick said last week that the 49ers were “having an average season.” A big road win appears to have helped Kaepernick get a little bit of his swagger back.

(photo credit: Jonathan Bachman, AP)