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Tom Brady shares yet another comical photo from his awkward teen years (photo)


Tom Brady of course grew up up to be a suave, debonaire, fashionable male with a supermodel wife, millions of dollars in the bank and the adoration of the masses.

But like most male teens, the New England Patriots quarterback had to go through a profoundly awkward phase as hormones run rampant, transforming a normal-looking boy into an awkward, gangly hobgoblin-like person.

The path to manhood can be a dire and difficult road to navigate, even for the likes of Tom Brady. Throughout the past several months, Brady has provided ample evidence of his experiences with the trials and tribulations of adolescence through his mingling with the masses on Facebook.

Such was the case Friday, when Brady posted yet another photograph that humorously documents his awkward phase, which isn’t really that embarrassing when other photos such as the one above exist. But this one is a real doozy.


Egad. If Brady were any more gangly in that photo it could have been cropped and used as his “AV Club” president pic for the yearbook.

Showing he has a sense of humor about such things, the quarterback writes on Facebook, “Who’s ready for the weekend?! This guy is!

Indeed. Throw on Loverboy’s “Working for the Weekend” and between that tune and the tux, Brady had all the makings for rip-roaring Saturday and Sunday.

It was a little late for a “Throwback Thursday” post, something Brady has perfected as he has transformed his public image from an elitist upper-cruster to a man of the people through his social media activities.

Having the ability to laugh at oneself is a true gift, which again is a lot easier to do when before, during and after doing so one can look in the mirror and remember that you’re Tom Brady. Yeah.

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