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Devon Still’s daughter Leah watches her dad play in person for first time (vids/pics)


Gigantic men may be waging a gridiron battle on the field below, but a tiny little girl clearly and deservedly is the star of the show as the Cincinnati Bengals host the Cleveland Browns on “Thursday Night Football.”

For the first time in her young but challenging life, Leah, the four-year-old daughter of Bengals defensive lineman Devon Still, is attending one of her daddy’s games in person for the first time.

Leah is sharing a suite with the family of teammate Domata Peko at the game, and she is all bundled up and looking absolutely adorable.


Doctors determined that Leah, who has Stage 4 pediatric cancer, finally is healthy enough to travel. So she embarked upon a flight to meet her dad in Cincy.

Cincinnati’s FOX 19 was on location when Still picked up his little girl at the airport late Wednesday night.

Of course, before the two make their respective ways to the stadium, how else to commemorate such a special day than a little tea party?devon-still-leah-tea-party

Upon her arrival at the stadium, Leah, wearing a sparkly, girly-girl version of her dad’s jersey, was treated like a princess, as she deserves to be.

She met with the Bengals cheerleaders.

The NFL Network guys showcased their Devon Still jerseys.

And before the game, father and daughter shared a touching moment as she sat up high in the suite and Still loosened up on the field (via SB Nation):

While I’m sure Still and his Bengals teammates would love nothing more than to leave the field with a big win, simply knowing that little Leah is in the stadium watching them play probably will make it a night to remember and cherish either way.

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