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This Minnesota Vikings ‘Helmet Cart Car’ could have been had for $4,000 (photo)


For the discriminating collector, a listing was posted on Craigslist for an item that embodies classic NFL memorabilia, is one-of-a-kind and can be had for the relatively reasonable sum of 4,000 smackeroos.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Minnesota Vikings “Helmet Cart Car.”

The listing:

This is a one of a kind item that was actually used by the Minnesota Vikings on the field during gamedays for promotions and to cart players off the field. This cart was 1/28 made for the NFL (one for each team at that time). This is the ONLY Minnesota Vikings one available and in existence. The Minnesota Vikings used this for many years at Met Stadium and the Metrodome until it became unproductive at the Dome due to it bottoming out and too big for the tight corners.  … The cart unfortunately does not run but would only take a little bit to get it going. It does not run right now as the 16 car batteries have been removed and the small motor was blown that it had in it. 

Just imagine the Vikings greats that may have been carted around in that bad boy from the team’s glory days. Alan Page or one of the other Purple People Eaters getting driven back to the locker room after an injury…

Wait, Bud Grant never would have allowed a player to be carted off the field in that monstrosity, right? Apparently he must have, if the listing is to be believed.

On the other hand, it’s reasonable to suspect that Tommy Kramer once utilized the back of this conveyance as somewhere to lay low while he sobered up prior to kickoff. That is certainly possible.

Either way, there is sad news to report. The ad was pulled off Craigslist at some point Wednesday afternoon, presumably because a collector with a keen eye for primo Vikings memorabilia beat the rest of us to it. A crying shame, to put it mildly.

[H/T RandBall]