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Jets fans behind ‘Fire John Idzik’ website promise not one, but three billboards (pics)


The grassroots efforts by some fed-up New York Jets fans to get general manager Jon Idzik canned appears to be gaining momentum. The individuals behind the site issued an announcement via the site on Tuesday that the movement will not stop with merely one billboard located nearby MetLife Stadium that calls for Idzik’s ouster, but three.

After raising more than $10,000 to fund the cause, disgruntled Jets fans and brothers Jason and Jared Koeppel revealed that there will be one static billboard and two digital billboards featuring rotating messages. The plan is to have all three up and running by mid-November.


The static billboard gives the movement “an audited number of 691,657 impressions,” and will be up from Nov. 17 though Dec. 7, the announcement reads. The digital billboards, meanwhile, will be live from Nov. 10 through Dec. 28 with messages that can be easily changed. The site owners request supporters submit their own ideas, concepts that will be voted upon via the site’s social media presence on Twitter and Facebook.

It sure seems like this is a well-organized, well-orchestrated effort. A team going nowhere with a 1-8 record and an upcoming fourth-straight postseason absence is proving to be the ultimate motivator. At least for a couple of surly Jets fans and their ardent supporters.

To make matters worse for the beleaguered Idzik — if that’s possible — a “body language expert” who reviewed his press conference last week observed that the beleaguered general manager appears “broken.”

Right off the bat you can see how broken he appears,” body language expert Tonya Reiman reported, via Shutdown Corner. “Hunched over, bowing his head with a downward gaze which typically denotes defeat. ‘I search for words to describe how we feel’ and ‘you feel like you’ve been punched in the face.’ Here we see an inward lip roll and then he runs his teeth over his bottom lip indicating, frustration and stress. An inward lip roll is generally done when a person is trying to suppress an emotion – usually a negative emotion.”

Fans mobilizing in support of his firing, body language experts claiming he’s broken, it never ends for Idzik. The only way it could get worse if If Fireman Ed announced he’ll come out of retirement under the condition that Idzkik resigns. That would create a trifecta of terribleness for the poor guy.