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Fan in LeBron jersey mocked on Jumbotron during Blazers-Cavs game (photo)


Any fan who opts to proudly support a visiting team in a hostile arena ought to expect some razzing from the hometown fans. But for one fan, the decision to wear a LeBron James jersey to the Cleveland Cavaliers-Portland Trail Blazers game on Tuesday night at Moda Center, the treatment was kicked up a notch from gentle razzing to arena-wide mock and ridicule.

The fan was featured on the arena’s Jumbotron at some point during the game. But simply putting the fan on display for booing and whatnot, the in-arena staff upped the ante by making the suggestion that this particular fan’s allegiance to the Cavaliers may be somewhat motivated by the recent addition of a certain player and that he may not have been a big Cavs backer, say, the preceding four NBA seasons when he may have been inclined to cheer for a team based in warmer climes.


The Kiss Cam used to be the go-to gambit by scoreboard operators to get fans involved and whatnot. But in recent years, the act of outright public shaming of a fan wearing an opposing team’ jersey or other related gear has developed into a tried-and-true way to get all the hometown fans united with one common goal: To embarrass a fan who finds himself or herself in enemy territory. It’s all done in good fun, so why not?

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