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Wisconsin Gov.’s bid to have pro-Packers beam used in Vikings stadium thwarted


It was a good effort, but in the end, an attempt by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to sneak in a pro-Green Bay Packers message on a steel beam intended for use in the construction of the Minnesota Vikings new stadium has been thwarted, according to a construction official.

Walker wrote “Go Packers” on a steel beam while touring River Steel, a manufacturing facility located in West Salem, Wisc., last week. The beam was among materials destined for Minneapolis and would have been used in the Vikings new $1 billion stadium, set to open in 2016.

Both Walker and U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, campaigning together at the time, allegedly signed the beam.

But not so fast, Governor Walker. His sneaky attempt at adding a dose of hastily scrawled smack talk to the renowned border battle between Minnesota and Wisconsin was nipped in the bud.

We have confirmed through our steel fabricator, Le Jeune Steel of Minneapolis, that Governor Walker did write on a piece of steel at the fabrication shop of one of LeJeune’s suppliers,” said Mortenson Construction spokesman Cameron Snyder, per a Star Tribune report.

Snyder added the pro-Packers message written on the beam “has been removed from the piece of steel while still at the fabrication shop.”

Well, thank goodness for that. Chicanery thwarted, disaster averted.

Walker reportedly has been upping the anti-Vikings rhetoric during recent campaign stops.

Walker also told the “Go Packers” story last week while campaigning in Hudson’s American Sky Brewing Co. but “quickly apologized to any Viking fans that may have been in the room,” said Doug Stohlberg, who was there covering the governor for the Hudson Star Observer.

“He’s been to Hudson four times in the past couple of months,” Stohlberg added, “and he usually has some sort of Viking quip.”

He also reportedly joked that $1 million will be saved in stadium construction costs because the Vikings, who lost all four Super Bowls the team has appeared in, “decided they didn’t need a trophy room.”


What a joker, that Walker guy. That joke probably plays better on the eastern side of the St. Croix River, I reckon.

(photo credit: La CrosseTribune, Pete Thomson