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Johnny Manziel lands ‘Golf Digest’ cover, girlfriend lands modeling gig (photos)


While Johnny Manziel’s NFL career has gotten off to a relatively inauspicious start, the rookie Cleveland Browns quarterback nevertheless proves to be a compelling personality and a big draw.

While his appearance on the cover of a upcoming December issue of “Golf Digest” may not attract as much attention or fanfare — not generate as much controversy — as when Paulina Gretzky posed provocatively for a cover shoot a few months back, Johnny Football nevertheless joins the ranks of celebrities from outside the world of golf to land on the cover of the venerable golfing magazine.

Manziel joins fellow superstars Steph Curry and Michael Phelps in the magazine’s “Golfers Who Give Back” issue.

“I was only 4 or 5 years old, maybe younger than that, and I remember hitting plastic golf balls over the fence with these little starter clubs . . . I hit that thing everywhere I could — from the flowers, the bushes, even out of the pool,” Manziel is quoted as saying in the mag. “The more I think about it, doing that taught me how to hit shots off all kinds of surfaces and lies.”

Meanwhile, in a completely different direction in the Manziel fame front, the quarterback’s girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, reportedly has landed a modeling gig, per a TMZ report.

The gossip site reports that Crowley met Brian Wolfe, the 19-year-old figurehead of No Rulez NY, through a mutual friend and reportedly has inked a deal with the brand.

Some photos from Crowley’s No Rulez NY shoot follow, including one where she gives a nod to Manziel’s “Money” gesture (credit: Michael Angulo/TMZ):

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Perhaps trying to get to Manziel through his gorgeous gal pal, Wolfe said he’d love to have the Browns rookie come on board.

“I’m such a fan,” Wolfe says of Manziel. “He’s such a motivator for kids to make it and become successful. It would be an honor if he’d endorse it.”

Not only an honor, but a financially lucrative one as well. But that goes without saying.

It appears that signing a deal with Crowley is already paying some dividends, as Manziel has been spotted rocking No Rulez NY threads in the past.

(top photo via Johnny Manziel/Twitter)