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Joe Maddon offers to buy everyone a shot and beer after introductory presser (vid)


Joe Maddon was introduced by the Chicago Cubs on Monday as the team’s new manager. Not only did it take long for him to charm his way into the hearts and minds of Cubs fans with his compelling personality, he also recognized that it wouldn’t hurt to ingratiate himself to the Chicago media, as getting in good with the local contingent of ink-stained wretches is perhaps a good way to earn some positive-leaning copy in the local papers.

Wrigley Field currently is under construction, so the Cubs held the team’s press conference introducing its new hire at the Cubby Bear, a popular bar located nearby the legendary ballpark.

Maddon, ever the smooth operator, offered to buy everyone drinks who were in attendance at his introductory presser.

Where’s the bartender?” Maddon asked, via CBS Chicago. “Bartender? Barkeep, anywhere ? I got the drinks right now. What do I got? Theo (Epstein) said I got one round. No actually, I had thought about that. One round on me, please.

“That’s a shot and a beer. That’s the Hazelton way,” Maddon added, referring to his Pennsylvania hometown. “Shot and a beer.”

Not a bad way to get in good with the locals. If there’s one thing reporters like more than big personalities like Maddon with an affable demeanor, it’s free stuff. And who knows? Perhaps some of the assembled media took him up on the offer, even if it was during working hours and they were on the clock.

Maddon’s deal in total with the Cubs reportedly is in the range of $25 million, so it’s not like he cannot afford to pick up a bar tab, even one on the heftier side.

Demonstrating how he knows how to make a great introduction, Maddon later headed over the team’s front office location to address the employees.

Let the honeymoon commence. How long it will last in all likelihood will depend on how the Cubs start off next season. If they win, so much the better. If the team continues to be, you know, the Cubs (despite its new hire), the love affair between Maddon and the Cubs — and the team’s long-suffering fans — may end as quickly as it started.

(top image credit: Chicago Cubs/Twitter)