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Dallas Cowboys commit hilarious hashtag derp in tweet about game in London


The Dallas Cowboys flew across the pond, arriving in London on Tuesday for the team’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley Stadium on Sunday.

Before the team took flight, the official Twitter account of the Cowboys made note that the next tweet offered up would be from London.

Unfortunately, the individual operating the team’s Twitter account made in unintended yet hilarious derp related to the employment of a hashtag.

Due to its proximity to the word “Cowboys” in the hashtag, the add-on of “UK” had unfortunate consequences.

Yep, that makes it look like the tweet implies that the Cowboys suck, albeit in a clumsy way. Still, that’s a shame.

Thankfully, all other things remaining the same, a country does not exist that can be abbreviated with “HIT” and that the Cowboys aren’t playing a game there. For obvious reasons. That would have been pretty bad, too.