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Brent Burns no longer resembles feral wild man thanks to ‘Buzz Cut for Charity’ (pics)


In somewhat disappointing news, Brent Burns, who more often than not better resembles a guy you might see sleeping outside a bus station than an NHL player, no longer looks like a disheveled, partially toothless hobo.

But on a positive note, Burns’ new sleek, clean and bum-attribute free appearance was done in the interest of raising funds for charity, so in the end, it’s all good.

For the second consecutive year, the San Jose Sharks star has undergone a radical transformation from his typical feral wild man look as part of his “Burnzie’s Buzz Cut for Charity” drive.

Burns, along with teammates Chris Tierney, Barclay Goodrow, James Sheppard, Scott Hannan, Joe Pavelski and Mirco Mueller, all received a cleaning-up of their respective appearances, raising $15,000 in the process.

Some pics from the event.

To say that Burns looks like a normal member of a society following the clip job might be a tad excessive. To wit:


Yikes. Then again, this is how Burns looked just a short time ago.


So, uh, yeah, he looks at least a little bit better.

Video from the event.

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