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LeBron dressed up as Progressive’s Flo? LeBron dressed up as Progressive’s Flo (photo)


Sweet Fancy Moses!

On Friday afternoon, the above photograph of LeBron James dressed up as Flo from the Progressive commercials was posted on his official Facebook page, presumably in celebration of Halloween.

It’s really … something.

James, or someone in his camp more likely, writes, “Happy Halloween,” along with some hashtags, including the clever “#FloBron.” Ha. FloBron.

It’s nice to know that James and his camp aren’t smarting too much after the Cavaliers laid in egg in LeBron’s much ballyhooed and celebrated first regular season home game back with Cavaliers by losing to the New York Knicks. After all, it was only one game, there’s eighty-one more to go.

James previously expressed his admiration for the peculiarly perky Progressive pitchwoman in a 2012 tweet, a sentiment that elicited a response from Flo herself.

Given that James presumably at the time was not affiliated with Progressive in any professional, businesslike manner, LeBron took to Twitter later to stress that the Flo mention was not an endorsement of the insurance company, something silly in its own right.

With all that in mind, there has to be more to this little photograph than it being simply a whimsical nod to Halloween. There are few examples of things involving LeBron or his likeness that does not have some goal or motive in mind. Everything is calculated, orchestrated with a purpose. Whether it be expanding his brand, increasing his visibility, establishing new corporate partnerships, celebrating his greatness, making more money, you name it. There’s a reason for everything.

That means we should expect a joint announcement from Progressive and LeBron that reveals a new business partnership anytime now.

Make way for FloBron, folks.

[H/T Waiting for Next Year, image credit: LeBron James/Facebook]