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LaVar Arrington defends J.J. Watt Halloween costume, denies use of ‘white face’ (pics)


LaVarr Arrington, along with his “NFL A.M.” cohorts on the NFL Network morning show, dressed up for Halloween for Friday’s show.

The former NFL linebacker’s colleagues on the program all donned NFL-related costumes. There was Bill Belichick, Richard Sherman and Jim Harbaugh, among others.

Arrington also decided to pay homage to an NFL personality in the spirit of the holiday. His costume, however, was not without some semblance of perceptible controversy.

Arrington dressed up as Houston Texans all-world defensive lineman J.J. Watt. The curious aspect of the getup causing a stir of sorts is the NFL analyst’s use of makeup, in his words, “lighter makeup.”

Some additional photos of Arrington posing with his costume-wearing colleagues.

Arrington, catching some flak and criticism on social media and otherwise, took to Twitter to defend the use of makeup, arguing that no, he is not doing “white face.”

That’s a sticky wicket right there. Arrington arguably should have recognized, though, that the choice to use “lighter makeup” was just asking for trouble.

(top image via NFL A.M./Twitter)