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Eric Decker comes to wife’s defense over Twitter flap with Jets ‘haters’


New York Jets wide receiver Eric Decker found himself in the unfortunate position Friday of coming to the defense of his wife to justify what she did in an effort to defend him.

Decker attempted to downplay the seriousness of the social media controversy that erupted after his wife, country music singer Jessie James Decker, called out so-called “haters” who used a seemingly innocuous tweet from him as fodder for making sarcastic zingers about the plight of the Jets this season.

Decker earlier this week sent out a tweet in which he asked Jets fans to reply with reasons why they love the team. While there were some nice comments in response, many were of a mean-spirited nature, something that shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone involved, or anyone with any modicum of common sense. It got amusingly ugly.

The snarky retorts prompted Decker’s wife to blast all the “haters” in a series of tweets since deleted.

In fact, Jessie James went so far as to remove her presence from Twitter entirely deleting her account.

Decker reportedly said that his wife intends to return to the world of social media in due time. He also did his best to defend what she did.

“First of all, I think whoever writes stuff – she wasn’t attacking Jets fans,” Decker said after practice, per the New York Daily News. “She was attacking people that were saying negative comments. I’ve got a lot of respect for the fact that she’s gonna say what a lot of people feel. If you don’t like something, don’t say anything. That’s my attitude to those people. But at the end of the day, she’s got my back and I did a nice gesture as far as reaching out to fans to give a prize away. I guess if you guys don’t like that, then don’t like that.”

When it comes to the worlds of social media and athletes intersect — and in some instances, such as this the case with this one, a member of an athlete’s inner circle — what tangled webs that can be woven, sometime despite the very best intentions.

The Deckers are learning that lesson the hard way.

In the end, it at least gives Jets fans something to talk about other than the miserable season the team — and they — are suffering through. That’s something.