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Mama Mia! DeAngelo Hall apparently re-tore his Achilles making a pizza


Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall will be on the sidelines much longer than originally anticipated after re-tore his surgically-repaired Achilles tendon in a mishap at his home. Hall reportedly had surgery again on Thursday.

Hall originally suffered the Achilles injury during a Sept. 21 game against the Philadelphia Eagles, going down during the third quarter on a play that involved no contact.

The cornerback underwent surgery shortly afterward to repair the ruptured tendon and reportedly had not yet began rehabilitation.

The manner in which Hall re-injured his Achilles is tragically unfortunate. According to Redskins head coach Jay Gruden, Hall re-tore it while making a pizza in his kitchen.

Great googly moogly. Or, better put, the aforementioned “Mama Mia!”

Hall is not even the first NFL player to suffer an injury due to a pizza-related mishap. In 2013, wide receiver Nate Burleson, then with the Detroit Lions, broke his arm in a one-car accident that occurred when he lost control while trying to prevent a pizza box from slipping off the passenger seat in his car.

The bizarre kitchen-related misfortunes have occurred in other sports as well. San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain gashed his finger while making a sandwich early in the 2014 MLB season. Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Travis Snider cut himself slicing up a sweet potato during 2014 spring training.

So, DeAngelo Hall should buck up. He’s not the only athlete to befall such an absurdly bizarre injury. At least he can take solace in that fact over the next six to nine months, which is the amount of time that it is expected to take to recover from the re-injury.

Mama Mia, indeed.

[H/T SB Nation, photo credit: AP Photo/Michael Perez]