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Creepy-weird videobomber of Jimbo Fisher interview is weird, creepy (video)


The Florida State Seminoles staged a miraculous comeback on Thursday night, outscoring the Louisville Cardinals 35-10 in the second half after being down 21-7 at halftime for a remarkable 42-31 victory that staved off complete and utter disaster for the No. 2-ranked squad.

After the game, ESPN’s Samantha Ponder was conducting an on-field interview with Seminoles head coach Jimbo Fisher. And that’s when things got weird. Really weird. And it was all courtesy of of the creepy antics of one weirdo videobomber.

Yikes. Forget videobomber, more like videocreeper, am I right?

Seriously, what in the heck was that? The odd antics had weirdo stalker guy written all over it, and that’s despite the attempt at being funny with some weird grin and silly raising of the eyebrows.

The man’s identity initially was unclear, but according to Louisville ESPN 680’s Mark Ennis, the creepy videobomber dude was a bowl representative or something. Ennis apparently sat next to him in the press box, according to his tweet.

Weird, wild stuff, man.

(video via Brian Floyd/Twitter by way of CJ Fogler/Twitter)