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More footage of Kobe Bryant vulgarly trash-talking Dwight Howard surfaces (video)


Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard of course had a bit of heated exchange during Tuesday night’s Los Angeles Lakers-Houston Rockets game.

Footage captured by TNT cameras after Howard’s elbow caught Kobe on the chin after a rebound showed Bryant telling his former teammate he was “soft” from the bench area, among some other not-so-pleasant pleasantries that were exchanged between the two shortly after the original confrontation.

Bryant also referred to Howard as a “teddy bear” during post-game comments, which definitely is much more G-rated than some of the things Bryant also appeared to yell in Howard’s direction before the game reached its conclusion.

It’s difficult to decipher exactly what Kobe is yelling at Howard in this clip, but it certainly sounds like something along the lines of “you soft motherfu**er … bitch-ass ni**a.”

Yikes. That even made Kobe’s teammates appear a tad uncomfortable.

Bryant has run afoul of the league for some unsavory on-court comments in the past — he was fined $100,000 for a homophobic slur he uttered during a 2011 game — but odds are given the relatively indecipherable — but arguably easily interpreted, despite the exact words said — Bryant won’t be on the receiving end of a whopping fine this time around.

Either way, perhaps it’s time for the NBA to initiate some kind of conflict resolution counseling for Kobe and Dwight. And it would be advisable to get the process going before the next time the Lakers and Rockets meet this season.

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