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Madison Bumgarner may not have chugged beers, but ‘Chevy Guy’ saves the day (vid)


Madison Bumgarner already was enjoying a postseason for the ages, but how he came in for the San Francisco Giants in relief in Game 7 to secure a 3-2 win to give the team its third World Series title since 2010 turned the pitcher into a certifiable MLB playoff legend.

Bumgarner posted a 4-1 record with a 1.03 ERA this postseason. In the World Series, he notched two wins and Wednesday night’s sparkling 5-inning, 2-hit, 4-strikeout performance for a save only further padded his astounding World Series résumé.

The dominant Fall Classic performance from Bumgarner, where he gave up only one run in 21 innings, netted him the World Series MVP.

But once the Giants spilled into the clubhouse and moved their celebratory revelry from the field to more (relatively) private environs, sadly there has emerged no video or photographic evidence of Bumgarner pounding a two fists-full of beers.

Along with his dominant work on the mound throughout the postseason, Bumgarner dominated on the celebration front as well, as his beer-chugging escapades were heavily chronicled and celebrated.

First it was slamming four beers at once after winning the NL Wild Card. Next up, five brewskis after the team’s NLDS win. After the Giants punched their ticket to the World Series, the NLCS MVP Bumgarner celebrated by hoisting six beers above his head and letting all the sudsy goodness wash down upon him, possibly getting some beer down his gullet in the process.

As noted above, there is unfortunately no evidence of Bumgarner upping the ante and somehow topping his six-beer slam. But that does not mean Bumgarner had an event-free postgame.

Enter ‘Chevy Guy.”

Chevrolet corporate executive Rikk Wilde was on hand for automaker following Game 7 to award the MVP trophy. And hoo boy, was it awkward.

Stammering and overall awkwardness ensued, but when he noted that the Chevy Colorado has “technology and stuff,” the scene went from awkward to, well, super awkward.

Poor Rikk Wilde. Admit it, most of us wouldn’t have fared much better beneath the glaring lights and gravity of the moment.

Still, for the man who will be known as “Chevy Guy” from here on out, the nerves-rattling task of appearing on national television for such a high-profile event may be over, but his performance will live on the Internet forever.

(video via SB Nation, Takes From The Crypt/Twitter)