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Madison Bumgarner beer-chugging update: One beer at a time during celebration (pic)

Fans of both Madison Bumgarner and his beer-chugging exploits during the postseason were left with a bitter, but not hoppy — taste in their mouths when not one single photo or video emerged from the San Francisco Giants’ celebration of its World Series title that documented the ace taking on multiple beers at once during the booze-soaked revelry in the clubhouse.

Bumgarner did admit afterward that he was a “little tired” — and understandably so — following his third appearance in the World Series, and perhaps that explains his avoidance of multiple beer-slamming activities.

A photo has emerged, however, that shows Bumgarner did not completely eschew the drinking of beer, but following his five-inning shutdown save of the Royals on Wednesday night, he opted for taking it easy, enjoying his beers one at a time.

Maybe the bizarre performance by “Chevy Guy” during his World Series MVP trophy presentation robbed Bumgarner of his thirst and enthusiasm. Yeah, it was that awkward.

Not as over-the-top or beer-soaked or crazy as his previous beer-swilling escapades this offseason, but given what he just did during the playoffs, perhaps we should all let it slide.

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