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Cowboys’ Joseph Randle offers money to female cop for massage in booking video (vid)


If Joseph Randle thought that he had put the humiliating shoplifting arrest in the rear-view mirror, he was sadly mistaken.

Dallas’ CBSDFW has obtained the booking video from the Frisco City Jail following his Oct. 14 shoplifting arrest. The Dallas Cowboys running back was busted attempting to purloin a pair of underwear and a bottle of cologne from a Dillard’s in a Frisco, Texas, shopping mall.

The video shows Randle appearing to not take the entire incident seriously enough, including cracking wise to a female police officer during his booking.

“If I give you $100, can you give me a massage?” Randle asks the cop.

Later, Randle is recorded making a phone call to his agent.

“I got jammed up. I need a… I need an attorney to get me a writ bond so I can make it to practice tomorrow,” he says.

The running back, clearly not recognizing the relative gravity of the situation nor the fact that as an NFL player, his arrest likely will draw attention, asks an officer, “Hey, is this going to be on the news, you think?”

You think? Indeed.

Randle’s attempt at witty banter continues as his mugshot is taken, asking inane questions, including about how the photograph turned out.

The Cowboy ultimately was charged with theft 50/500, a class B misdemeanor, per an NFL report. The combined value of the items Randle attempted to shoplift was approximately $120.

Randle did attempt to take responsibility for his actions when meeting with the media days after his arrest, apologizing and saying, among other things, that the incident was the “biggest mistake of my life.”

Fair enough, but with the release of the booking video illustrates, it may have taken Randle a few days to realize the error of his ways, because he barely was taking it seriously enough shortly after he was collared.