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Eric Decker asking Jets fans on Twitter why they love team ends expectedly

NY Jets Eric Decker leads a camp

New York Jets wide receiver took to Twitter on Wednesday to ask the team’s fans why they love the Jets.

Things, as should have been expected from the get-go, did not go well.

Jets fans became an angry social media mob, took out their metaphorical pitchforks and torches and laid waste to any good intentions that motivated the issuing of the tweet.

There were some examples of Jets fans attempting to put a nightmare in perspective. But other than a few positive-leaning souls, it was downright ugly.


In hindsight, it probably was a bad idea to ask a bitter fan base suffering through a miserable 1-7 season to come up with reasons why they love the team. The quarterback position is in shambles, Rex Ryan is probably playing out the string of lame duck tenure as head coach and the only win the team has this season is against the lowly Oakland Raiders all the way back in Week 1.

If there ever has been a shining, embarrassing and shortsighted example of the saying from the classic “SNL” skit, “Stand Up & Win,” this is it.

All together now: “Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one?”

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