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Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy once tried to trademark ‘I’m a man, I’m 40!’ rant (video)


The infamous tirade by Oklahoma State Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy without a doubt belongs in the annals of the greatest all-time meltdowns by a coach in organized sports history.

But who knew that the rant in which Gundy defended quarterback Bobby Reid became so synonymous with the coach and so defined his coaching legacy that at one point he even tried to trademark it?

The unhinged meltdown became best known for Gundy’s classic line, “I’m a man, I’m 40!” This was of course in defense of Reid for what Gundy deemed an unfair criticism directed at the quarterback in a column Jenni Carlson wrote for The Oklahoman.

The video instantly went viral (it has over 3 million views on YouTube) and went on to spawn a litany of remixes, parody videos and the like.

Campus Insiders reports that Gundy is asked about it so often that it has become a major part of the way people identify him. So much so, For the Win notes that people “even ask him to sign footballs and signs for fans’ 40th birthdays with the catchphrase,” which, in all honesty, would be about the coolest thing in the world for a person’s big 4-0.

that he figured me might as well own the quote and meltdown, both figuratively and literally.

When asked if ever tried to trademark it, Gundy admitted he had at one point.

“I tried to and somebody else had got it before that. I thought about it,” Gundy says. “Then my 12-year-old son, he has it memorized. Sometimes I’ll catch him doing it in the family room with his buddies in there and he can do it almost just to a T.”

Well, there’s certainly worse things a 12-year-old son can be doing to make fun of his old man. That’s something.

It’s amazing, really, that Gundy was able to survive the media firestorm and mockery that followed the tirade and is still coaching at Oklahoma State. He must be doing something right. Even at the ripe-old age of 47 … which arguably makes him even more of a man now than he was when he was 40.