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Kris Humphries shares ghastly photo of gruesome finger injury (photo)

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Things have certainly quieted down for Kris Humphries since his dumpster fire of a sham of a made-for-TV marriage to Kim Kardashian. In fact, it seems like an eternity ago that Humprhies was the butt of countless jokes on late night television and the like and treated with derision, mock and ridicule everywhere he went.

Years later, Humphries has settled into a pretty decent NBA career. Now playing with the Washington Wizards, the big man can focus on basketball and basketball alone without being hounded by paparazzi and the like. It probably feels wonderful.

What doesn’t feel wonderful, however, is the injury Humphries suffered to his hand a few weeks back, an injury that is still producing ghastly images of a gangly and gruesome aftermath.

Humphries suffered a laceration to his hand while contesting a layup during preseason game against the Chicago Bulls, an injury that required eight stitches in his right hand and later surgery.

The procedure knocked him out for a few weeks but he has since resumed basketball activities. But that does not mean the would has totally healed.

Via a CSN Washington report from last week:

“It feels pretty good,” Humphries said then. “The biggest thing for me was not the nerve. It’s more about the cut,” he said after Saturday’s practice. “It’s been a bad cut in my hand. This is the first day of really shooting. Used the hand a bit (Friday). Came in and worked out. Today is my first day actually shooting the ball. The goal still is Wednesday.”

As he turned over his hand to show the size of the wound, blood could be seen building up underneath the bandage on his hand. It wasn’t bleeding profusely but enough for him to rush back to the locker room to get it cleaned up.

Despite the ongoing oozy nature of the injury, Humphries’ hand is sufficiently healed and he is expected to be in the Wizards lineup as the team opens its season against the Miami Heat.

Heading into tip-off, Humphries also tweeted an image of exactly how his right hand looked just a few short weeks ago.



Sweet mamma jamma. Again, the gangly appearance of his finger at the time was purely basketball-related and had absolutely nothing to do with the residual effects of once having any kind of personal contact with a Kardashian. You know, like some kind of flesh-eating parasite that incubated itself in the bloodstream for years only to erupt and unleash leprosy-like havoc upon poor Kris Humprhies and his skin.

That all probably goes without saying, but you know, just to be safe.

[H/T D.C. Sports Bog, image via Kris Humphries/Twitter]