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Was Kansas City barbecue to blame for Giants’ poor performance in Game 6?


The San Francisco Giants were on the receiving end of a 10-0 whipping in Game 6 of the World Series on Tuesday night.

While the seven-spot the Kansas City Royals put up in the bottom of 2nd inning seemed to take all the fight out of team, the Giants seemed to be a lifeless bunch from the onset, as if the team did not recognize the significance of being up 3-games-to-2 with a Game 6 on the road.

Dating back to 1982, if the home team wins Game 6 to tie a League Championship Series or World Series, said squad is 14-1 in Game 7s, per an report.

So, the question is, why would the Giants, realizing how much may have been at stake should the team lose Game 6, come out with such little life, no punch, no aggressiveness.

There’s a theory going around in the wake of the blowout that may help explain what happened on the field of Kauffman Stadium on Wednesday night, something that may provide a scapegoat for the Giants’ woeful performance. And that scapegoat is:

Kansas City barbecue.

According to Yahoo! Sports Jeff Passan, the Giants feasted upon Z-Man sandwiches  from renowned barbecue restaurant Oklahoma Joe’s on Tuesday afternoon prior to Game 6.

Passan writes that fifty of the decadently delectable sandwiches, which boast “sliced smoked brisket, smoked provolone cheese, a couple of onion rings, a bit of barbecue sauce, all on top of a Kaiser roll,” according to Oklahoma Joe’s site, were delivered to the Giants clubhouse.

Could some fattening, high calorie, but oh-so-delicious barbecued beef brisket sandwiches help explain how lethargic the Giants played on Tuesday? Possibly.

Passan reports that as far as Oklahoma Joe’s is concerned, “their presence is no longer welcome” in the Giants clubhouse.

Makes sense, but Royals outfielder Lorenzo Cain has a better suggestion, at least from Kansas City’s perspective heading into Game 7.

“They better do it again,” Cain said. “Z-Man. Do it again. Same thing.”

This isn’t the first time the Z-Man perceptively sammy played a role in the outcome of a Royals game. In 2013, according to The Kansas City Star archive report, after the Minnesota Twins beat up on the Royals after dining on Z-Mans, the Royals responded in kind and had Oklahoma Joe’s delivered in the next day.

And yep, the Royals won. The lesson learned here is that perhaps, with history on the sandwich’s side, Oklahoma Joe’s should be whipping up a heaping pile of Z-Man sandwiches toot sweet and shipping them to Kauffman Stadium on Wednesday afternoon ahead of Game 7.

Couldn’t hurt, right?

[H/T Hardball Talk, image credit: Oklahoma Joe’s official site]