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Eagles safety Nate Allen ‘not contemplating suicide’ over blown coverage in loss


While his misplay may have played an integral role in the blown coverage that led to John Brown’s 75-yard game-winning touchdown reception late in the fourth quarter of the Philadelphia Eagles’ 24-20 loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, safety Nate Allen is doing his best to move on and no one should be worried about his mental well-being.

Allen did accept responsibility for his part in the blown coverage following the game.

“We were just in a quarters look and that’s on me,” Allen said on Sunday, per “I have to stay deep and make that play. That’s the bottom line, yeah.

“Trying to keep them big plays off of us. I take the blame for that last one. That guy was vertical and I have to stay with him.”

Eagles defensive coordinator Bill Davis is in Allen’s corner as well, saying he is “absolutely confident” in the safety’s ability.

Allen appears to be taking all the scrutiny and criticism in stride, even using some gallows humor to joke that there is no need to worry about him doing anything rash.

“Through the years, I’ve definitely matured as a player and just as a man. You go through things on this level. Sometimes your character’s tested,” Allen said earlier this week, via “Football is what I do, it’s not who I am. At the end of the day, there’s greater problems going on. So I’m not contemplating suicide or anything like that.”

Good to know. Good to know.