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Carmelo Anthony makes creepy cameo in ‘Sons of Anarchy’ (video)


The acting bug has bitten Carmelo Anthony once again, this time as the New York Knicks star made a cameo appearance on the FX series, “Sons of Anarchy.”

In the creepy cameo, Carmelo, who apparently is a fan of the gritty drama, plays an ominously sinister henchman of some sort who hands over a knife to another character after uttering the words, “We got a call,” presumably indicating that it wasn’t a call from the governor, thereby sealing some poor sucker’s fate.

Question: Does seeing a snippet of this scene somehow spoil the series? “Sons of Anarchy” is certainly on my list of shows to watch at some point, but given that I am woefully behind on countless high-quality television series I’m already watching — still on Season 1 of “The Americans”? Hello? — odds are it will be awhile before it’s in the queue or what have you.

Maybe it will all be forgotten by the time “Sons of Anarchy” is on the playlist. Huh.

This isn’t Anthony’s first go-round in the cameo game, either. He has previously made bit role appearances on “Nurse Jackie” playing an addict baseball player as well as appearing as himself in an episode of “Law & Order: SVU,” per the New York Daily News.

Does this mean that Anthony may pursue an acting career once his basketball playing days are over? Rejection after rejection following bad auditions can’t be any worse than playing for the Knicks over the past couple of years.

(video/GIF via UPROXX)