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LeBron James’ wife Savannah reportedly gave birth to couple’s daughter last week


In what could be referred as a perfectly executed bit of familial subterfuge, E! News reports that LeBron James and his wife Savannah Brinson welcomed a baby daughter into the world last week, well in advance of the tip-off of the 2014-15 NBA season this week.

A source reportedly informed E! that Brinson gave birth to the couple’s first daughter all the way back on Oct. 22, meaning that somehow the joyous news has been kept under wraps for nearly a week, something of a surprise in this day and age of 24/7 news cycles, not to mention sources who are sadly more than willing to leak other’s personal details to the media.

No official announcement of course has been made by James, but the newborn daughter joins Bryce Maximus, 7,and LeBron Jr., 10, in the James brood.

Given how closely any news surrounding the birth has been guarded, there is no word as of yet of the infant’s name, although James appeared to leak the baby’s name in a caption attached to a snapshot posted to Instagram. The photograph (above) showed the couple enjoying a Greek getaway in Mykonos back in August.

“Zhuri hurry up and get here so your daddy and 2 brothers can annoy you! Lol,” James wrote.

So, let’s welcome Zhuri — if that is in fact her name — to the world and congratulate the James on their little bundle of joy.

Even more, how about a kudos to the clan for keeping a tremendously personal family event out of the media spotlight, even if it was only for a week, so that the family could enjoy the moment in relative privacy.

James discussed his views on fatherhood during an interview with Rachel Nichols back in September (via US Weekly):

“There is no booklet where no one can tell you on how to raise your kids. And you know, every single day is always challenging. And for my kids even more challenging, because their dad is famous,” he said in late September.

“But I feel like the morals and the goals and the things that I teach them I just want to lay the path for them and let them, at the end of the day, make their own decisions,” he continued. “And hopefully, the — the way that I’ve been teaching them will, when they get to a fork in the road, they will know what’s right, and not go left.”

Seems like he’s got a good handle on things. But everything changes for a father once a daughter enters the picture.