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Reporter finally lands Colt McCoy interview after Redskins PR guy loses it (video)


A strange scene unfolded following the Washington Redskins’ somewhat surprising 20-17 overtime victory over the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium on “Monday Night Football,” and it all revolved around quarterback Colt McCoy.

After leading the Redskins offense into a position for Kai Forbath to hit a 40-yard field goal and ultimate game-winner, the third-string quarterback was receiving some attention from the media in light of his relatively surprising starring role in the win.

After being interviewed by ESPN, McCoy was stopped by ESPN Deportes reporter John Sutcliffe for another interview. That is when Tony Wyllie, Redskins senior vice president of communications, intervened in a heavy-handed and confrontational manner.

“No no no, we gotta go guys, we gotta go,” Wyllie told Sutcliffe, who apparently was not taking the PR staffer’s shutdown of the interview seriously enough.

Wylie exasperatingly unleashed “NO means NO!” upon the ESPN Deportes reporter, evidently reaching his wit’s end with the affront to his authority as he physically removed McCoy from the field.

An acceptable resolution of the awkward events ultimately was reached about 30 minutes later as Sutcliffe finally landed the coveted interview, seemingly satisfying all parties involved in the incident.

The reporter then, perhaps snarkily — perhaps not — thanked Colt McCoy for conducting the interview. But no expression of gratitude was extended to the Redskins PR staff, in particular Wyllie, who was arguably far too wily the first time around.

So, “NO means NO!” only really meant “NO means NO for right now … maybe later it will be a YES!”

UPDATE: Wyllie gave his side of the story on Tuesday morning to TMZ.

“We wanted to get Colt in to hear coaches post-game speech.”

He adds, “I wasn’t denying access. I wanted Colt to hear coach talk. I felt we needed to get him inside.”

Wyllie says, “Right after the speech, Colt went out and did the interview. I explained the situation to them. They were happy in the end.”

As for the contentious moment, Wyllie says, “Normally we set these [post-game interviews] up before [the end of the game]. They’ll say, ‘This is who we want to talk to.’ They didn’t do that.”

So, that’s that with that.

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