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Dirk Nowitzki: Chandler Parsons to pay a lot of meal tabs ‘because it’s my money anyway’

Dirk Nowitzki has made a ton of money during his NBA career, so when the Dallas Mavericks approached him about taking a pay cut so the team could afford to be player in the free agency market, he obliged.

The German superstar signed a three-year, $25 million deal with the Mavs, which turns out to be approximately a $15 million pay cut annually when compared to his salary for the 2013-14 NBA season, when he earned about $23 million.

The money freed up by Nowitzki acquiescing to a substantial drop in income helped effectuate the Mavericks signing Chandler Parsons to a three-year, $46 million contract, a move that certainly helps the team contend for a playoff spot this upcoming season.

But if Parsons thinks that Nowitzki’s goodwill doesn’t come without some catches, he better think again.

Parsons gushed over how great it is to have the opportunity to play with one of the idols from his childhood, especially given how Nowitzki took a big cut in pay to make it happen.

“He’s the ultimate teammate,” Parsons said, via “I’m very humbled and glad that he did that, because I wanted to be here and I wanted to play here, and I wanted to play with him. That just shows you how much he wants to win. He’ll take that big of a pay cut to try to bring a guy like me to try to help him win a championship.”

Nowitzki seems eager to see what Parsons can bring to the team.

When discussing Parsons coming on board, Nowitzki said he hopes the 26-year-old doesn’t put too much pressure on himself given the increased expectations that will be placed upon him in light of the massive salary. Still, the 36-year-old Nowitzki nevertheless expressed one off-the-court expectation he has for his new teammate during the upcoming grind of an 82-game NBA season, one that adequately sets the pecking order on the team given his substantial financial sacrifice.

“I told him every dinner on the road this year is on him,” Nowitzki said, “because it’s my money anyway.”

Boom. Game, set, match, Nowitzki. That’s how you show the kids what’s what.

(image credit: Andy Jacobsohn/The Dallas Morning News)