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Charlotte Hornets roll out massive eight-pound item called the ‘Wow Burger’ (pic)


It would be hacky to say that the re-branding of the Charlotte NBA franchise as the Hornets has caused the team’s fans to “buzz” with excitement, but it is nevertheless true.

The Bobcats were no more after a May announcement that the team based in Charlotte would again be known as the Hornets. As a result, many changes were planned and subsequently set in motion as a result, including a resurfacing of the court at Time Warner Cable Arena in a honeycomb theme in order to better take advantage of the bee-centric moniker.

But that wasn’t the only change or update in store at the Hornets’ home court. The arena is rolling out some new concession items as well.

Even though one of the new tantalizing treats that will be available at Hornets games has nothing to do with bees or honey or what have you — although it would be cool if the team came up with some — what it lacks in any relation to the re-branding of the team it more than makes up for with extreme, gut-busting grandeur.

Behold, the Wow Burger.



According to Sporting News, the Wow Burger boasts “14 eight-ounce burger patties spread across two massive buns, topped with lettuce, tomato, bacon, mushrooms, cheddar and Swiss cheese, pickle slices and Levy’s special sauce,” with Levy being the team’s official food vendor.

Aaron Cox, Levy’s executive chef at the arena, says the “market price” of the gargantuan burger ranges between $70-80.

Seems a reasonable enough price, especially for an item that for a person to tackle on their own would be an exercise in gastronomical insanity, in that it could very well kill a man.

“It’s going to be a special event when someone orders it,” Cox said. “I’d like to dare ‘Man vs. Food’ to come out here and tackle this one.”

I don’t even think that guy is crazy enough to take this meaty testament to game time gluttony.