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Bruins players pay visit to children’s hospital dressed up as ‘Frozen’ characters (pics/vid)


Every year around Halloween, the Boston Bruins pay a visit to Boston Children’s Hospital. Monday was the day of the annual event and a troupe of Bruins players went all-out in their effort to delight the youngsters at the hospital, arriving dressed up as characters from “Frozen.”

Bruins players Matt Bartkowski, Matt Fraser, Seth Griffith, Dougie Hamilton, Torey Krug and Kevan Miller arrived in costume. But Fraser, dressed up as Anna, and Hamilton, in full Anna regalia, were likely the biggest stars of the event. I mean, it’s Anna and Elsa, people.

While those two players arguably deserve the most credit for actually dressing up as Disney princesses, The dynamic duo of the bunch had to be Bartkowski and Miller, who came as the reindeer Sven and the heroic Kristoff, respectively.

Joining in on the antics were Kurg, who dressed up as the enchanted snowman Olaf and Griffith, who was stuck with assuming the role of the villainous Hans.

Oops, spoiler alert. Hans actually turns out to be a bad guy in the end. Sorry about that, folks.

Despite ruining the film for everybody reading this who hasn’t yet seen the classic — for shame — the point of the story is to highlight how these guys deserve a lot of praise for going above and beyond in their costumed efforts to brighten the day of some kids who really could use it.


Not only did the Bruins players make for a formidable “Frozen” crew, they also handed out Bruins gear to the kids. A fine day all around. It probably was the “First Time in Forever” that these guys felt so good doing good.

Via the Bruins’ official site:

“We’re all fans of it, I’ve seen the movie and I’m a fan so I’m not going to lie about that,” smiled Hamilton. “So it’s fun to be able to be something that’s popular and they all know it, and make them smile, so it’s all about fun.”

“Just here to put smiles on their faces,” said Krug, who suited up in a head-to-toe costume as Olaf, complete with a big belly.

“They love it. It’s a very popular movie, my niece loved the movie, always sings ‘Let It Go’ so it’s a very popular thing, and makes them happy so that’s the most important thing.”

Krug was among those belting out the words at times, along with Bartkowski, who didn’t mind sharing that he’s seen the movie at least a couple dozen times.

“I’ve heard the song a lot of times, especially with my niece singing, so I get the videos a lot from my brother and his wife and she’s always singing, so I know the lyrics,” smiled Krug.

And some video from the day:

[H/T Puck Daddy, photo credit: Boston Bruins/Instagram]