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Amanda Dufner shows off her sharpshooter skills at gun range (video/photo)


Amanda Dufner, wife of 2013 PGA Championship winner Jason Dufner, quickly rose through the ranks to become arguably the most recognizable wife on the PGA Tour.

Being devastatingly gorgeous certainly helps (more on that later), but her innate ability to connect with fans of her husband — although she certainly has attracted a bevy of fans in her own right — makes her such a compelling personality, and her always-entertaining social media activity obviously is the most powerful weapon in Mrs. Dufner’s considerable PR arsenal.

Speaking of weapons, Dufner posted some evidence to Instagram that highlights her abilities with firearms.

She posted a video of herself showcasing how she knows her way around a gun range.

And then photographic documentation of her sharpshooting ability…


Or, better put, how she’s working on her sharpshooting ability.

Not too shabby. Then again, neither are her less firearm-centric Instagram photo posts, including a sampling of her antics on the 4th of July that whipped the interwebs up into a frenzy.

amanda-dufner-scuba amanda-dufner-golf amanda-dufner-flag

So, yeah, she’s definitely worthy of a follow.

(all images courtesy of Amanda Dufner/Instagram)